Valentine’s Day Plans for Everybody

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and with all the hype and sales going on I felt the need to post a list of all the fashion picks on my mind lately. Truth: Men aren’t always the best at taking our subtle hints so I find it easier to just show my husband what i’m loving lately on holidays or birthdays. He says that it takes the stress out of trying to buy something that I won’t absolutely love and I get exactly what I wished for. For any guys that want to surprise their lady, however, any of the below items are perfect. All my single girls don’t need to feel left out either because my philisophy is whether or not you have a significant other you can go buy yourself something amazing. You can also take a page out of Tom’s book and Treat Yo Self. TREAT-YO-SELF

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Click on the blue hyperlinks to go shopping for each item at the price point listed!!

  1. Kendra Scott Danielle Earrings $60

->Kendra Scott is or should be on every girl’s list. There are plenty of colors and styles for everyone. My favorite are the Danielle style not because of my name, but because they are so polished and chic and can dress up a casual outfit or make a dressy outfit even more special. Also they looked spectacular with the gowns on The Bachelor. I own the Black and Gold pair of these!

2. Rebecca Minkoff Purses!! {From Left to Right}

Rebecca Minkoff Micro Avery Tote $130  

Mini M.A.C. Crossbody $130

Rebecca Minkoff Avery Crossbody  $104.98 Sale Alert!!!

I am having a love affair with these purses right now. I got the Black Mini M.A.C. {gold hardware} for Christmas and have my eye on these V-Day Blush colored Crossbody purses. The best thing about them is they are great for an everyday purse but also look amazing with dressier outfits.

3. Naked 3 Palette $58 


Any palette by Urban Decay is my jam!! I have been wanting the I have the Naked Palettes and I think #3 is my favorite. Maybe #1….I shouldn’t play favorites. I love them all and this one is perfect for Valentines Day! In my opinion it can make looks appropriate for day or night, casual or dressy. They are so buttery, easy to blend, and creamy these colors need to be in your collection.

4. Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette $36


Another palette that I am obsessed with right now. I am a fan of any palette that boasts both dramatic and neutral colors, both glitzy and matte shadows. I am also a sucker for cute packaging and themes and this has both. Go get this and fix yourself a pb&j…eye look.

5. MAC Lipstick  $17-$30


MAC Lipsticks are my favorite lip products. I bought my first one at 16 {Creme d’ Nude with Prrr Lipglass was my everyday lip} and never found a better and longer wearing formula. My favorite and most worn lately is Velvet Teddy.

5. Alex and Ani Bracelets $28


Alex and Ani anything really. I have their Initial Bracelets and I wear them everyday. I feel like once you buy a few, you need more. I want to add this Love charm bracelet to my stack in honor of V-Day and love in general.

6. Kat Von D Shade+Light Contour Palette


The Shade and Light Palette is currently my go to make-up item. I thiink it’s great for makeup beginners and also more detailed contouring. Blendable,  buttery, and great for a number of skin tones.

7. Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop $38


This is the perfect highlighter to accent your cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and cupid’s bow. It simply glows. I love to mix it with Becca Opal on my brow bone.



A few other ideas for your V-day plans 

-Book a Massage/ Couples Massage

-Make reservations for a nice dinner and a show!! We recently went to Wicked and dressed up and made a big deal out of it and had the best time together.

-Go see a chic flick- There is always a Nicholas Sparks one out for V-day!!


-Deadpool & Pride and Predjudice and Zombies are also out Valentine’s Day Weekend!!

-For those of you who are homebody’s, want to avoid the V-Day crowd/ dreaded restaurant wait times, or just want a low key romantic night with out bells and whistles, take-out from your favorite place and one of these movies is a perfect night for anyone.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s,  The Notebook, When Harry Met Sally are my favorites and Titantic are my favorites. Just in case you wanted to know. Have fun!!

XO, Danielle






MAC Viva Glam Ariana Grande/ Philanthropic Retail Therapy

There are few times when a product comes out that I immediately run out and buy it ( or in this case place it in my cart) but this was one of them! I am a huge Ariana Grande, vampy lip, and MAC Cosmetics fan and this lipstick encompasses all of them. MAC describes the new Viva Glam Lipstick in collaboration with Ariana Grande as a deep, dark matte plum color and I agree. The color is matte and not as drying as other matte formulas that I have tried out in the past. I do recommend using a lip liner as the color is very dark and has the potential to bleed. I used MAC lip pencil in the color Night Moth.I have been perusing Instagram to see how it looks on each person that posts under the hashtag #vivaglamarianagrande and others like it and I love the shade it translates to on every skin type. The best thing about purchasing a yearly Viva Glam lipstick is the feel-good knowledge that every cent of the purchase price is donated to The Aids Foundation. Just call it Philanthropic Retail Therapy. Just another reason to run out and buy it {or drag it into a cart ,like I did, from the comfort of your couch in your pj’s}

{I tend to wear dramatic and dark lip colors either with a dramatic eye look or with a blank eye and black winged liner. }

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Lipstick Collection

I instagrammed a picture of my lipstick collection earlier today and I decided it would be a good blog post. I wanted to show the color as well as the name and I will follow it up with a video on my beauty channel featuring the color swatches of each lipstick and the reason why i like them in the upcoming week.

This is the Instagram picture. I wanted to be able to see all the colors at a glance.
Here is a picture of  all the colors at a glance.
A more detailed shot
A more detailed shot
Name of each Maybelline lipstick
Name of each Maybelline lipstick from left to right (Row 1)  #660 Touch of Spice, #690 Siren in Scarlet, #691 Rich Ruby, #695 Divine Wine, #945 Stormy Sahara  (Row 2) #720 Power Peony, #725 Lilac Flush, #860 Pink Pop, #865 Fuchsia Flash, (Row 3) #870 Shocking Coral, #875 Vivid Rose, #885 Vibrant Mandarin, #905 Brazen Berry, (Row 4) #910 Bare All, #920 Nude Lust, #930 Truffle Tease, #940 Touchable Taupe
Mac and Elizabeth Arden Lipsticks (EA Pretty Pink, EA Fiesta, EA Coral, EA Tempest, MAC Hung Up, MAC Russian Red, (R0w 2) MAC Heroine, MAC Bombshell, MAC Candy Yum-Yum, MAC Velvet Teddy, MAC Punk Couture, MAC Saint Germain.
Mac and Elizabeth Arden Lipsticks (Row 1) EA Pretty Pink, EA Fiesta, EA Coral, EA Tempest, MAC Hung Up, MAC Russian Red, (R0w 2) MAC Heroine, MAC Bombshell, MAC Candy Yum-Yum, MAC Velvet Teddy, MAC Punk Couture, MAC Saint Germain.
These are the lipsticks located on the far left. They are EA Wild Winterberry, EA Fiesta, NYX India, Star Wars Covergirl 550, CG Hop, EA Iced Mocha, CG Classic Red, EA Bronze Lame', EA Amethyst, EA Hot Pink, and EA Beauty
These are the lipsticks located on the far left. They are EA Wild Winterberry, EA Fiesta, NYX India, Star Wars Covergirl 550, CG Hop,
EA Iced Mocha, CG Classic Red, EA Bronze Lame’, EA Amethyst, EA Hot Pink, and EA Beauty

XO, Danielle


Of the Moment…

View sunbathing on our dock!
View sunbathing on our dock!

As I type I am wearing a green face mask, messy bun, and the most comfortable casual clothes I own. I just got finished unpacking and doing the massive amount of what I like to call the dreaded “vacation laundry”. We usually go on vacation with both mine and my husband’s family within a two week period of each other. We never plan it that way but it always ends up that way. It is amazing going on vacation and seeing everyone but with my youngest having night terrors and the amount of traveling and packing/ unpacking I always feel like I need a vacation from vacationing.  This year we rented a house at Ocean Isle Beach and stayed from Saturday to the next Saturday. It rained the first two days that we were there but we all had fun anyway just spending time together. The kids loved that we had an outdoor porch swing out of the rain so we spent a lot of time doing that those first few days. After we got home that following Saturday we packed to go to the Lake with my husband’s family and spent the next few days relaxing on the boat, tubing, and swimming in the lake.

I honestly have been unplugging myself from social media lately and trying to live in the moment with pictures here and there to commemorate each few days. I love being able to focus completely on my kids and am blown away at the fact they are already 3 and 7, with my oldest entering the second grade in just a week!!

Psst! This post really has no format, at all,  I get in moods to do certain things like post a blog post or film a makeup tutorial and then life happens and I go weeks and months with out doing either. That’s not how you get famous on Youtube or WordPress, believe me I know. I just know myself enough to know if I want to do something I will do great at it and if not, well, I just skip it.

This is something new I want to try. Basically just everything we are doing, what I am listening to, obsessed with reading and wearing all combined into one weekly post. I will leave you with pictures of the past month and my playlist lately/

Shuffling while I type:

Barracuda by Heart

Break Free by Ariana Grande

Boom Clap by Charli XCX

Shower by Becky G

Our Mermaid in the Sand



My little family + my brother and sister!
My little family + my brother and sister!
H being a super hero!
H being a super hero!
All my boys!! ❤
Derek and I in the beach house!
Lane and Mommy!
A very sandy Lane!
A very sandy Lane!
Tubing behind the boat!
Tubing behind the boat!


Lake James on a beautiful sunny day!
Lake James on a beautiful sunny day!
More Tubing!

XO Danielle


Lust List

Like all women, I find myself drawn to a lot of different types of products. I usually make a list in a small notebook that I keep for reminders and to do lists but now I think it should be documented on this blog. Usually the things that draw my interest are makeup, skincare, house wares, jewelry, or craft items.  There probably won’t be any such format on here to my “Lust List’ as I like to call it. This weeks short list is from my newest obsession:the show Revenge.

You should go, now, to Netflix and binge watch the first season. I promise you won’t regret it. I covet and crave the fashion from this show almost as much as the plot’s twist and turns.




In every episode you can always find Margeux rocking some amazing earrings. I’m sure this has everything to do with her pixie hair cut.  Seeing these stunners, Sklyar Earrings by Kendra Scott, from this weeks episode of Revenge made me want to go snatch them up this second!

I have seen these earrings before but these stunners on Margeux LeMarshal on this weeks episode of Revenge made me want to go snatch them up this second!
{Skylar Earrings in Black by Kendra Scott}



I relate to Emily Thorn’s ,the main character’s, fashion choices more than any other. This week’s episode was no different as she sashayed out in this amazing Black and White deep V halter dress from the Halston Heritage collection.


























Another equally impressive dress was featured lately on the show was the Pamella Rolans One- Shouldered Gown worn by Emily Thorn{pictured right}. She has worn too many red dresses to count but in my opinion this one trumps the others.
















Until Next Time Ya’ll!
XO, Danielle

New Pillows to Refresh an Older Style Couch

022                                                                                                                                                                                                                    This was our living room last year. I was really happy with the look of it but as far as the size of the living room went, this one couch and mis-matched brown striped recliner were just not cutting it. Just as we were pricing a new living room suit, my mother in law decided to sell her house in the city and move the furniture she wanted to keep into her current house. She ended up having an entire living room suite, side tables included, and we were over the moon. After selling our old couch and chair to friends, we moved in the dark brown suite. it didn’t exactly match the light feel of the space but I knew all it needed was a pillow exchange.



Enter Cynthia Rowley and her fabulously lux throw pillows!! I searched high and low and finally found these at our local Marshalls for $20 bucks {regular pricing 50 and up}. I paired DKNY sweater weave pillows for the loveseat and it all came together!!



I absolutely love the changes that are happening and we have found that our living area seems even bigger even though we actually added a lot more furniture to the room. The heavier side tables fit the new furniture a lot better than the glass ones that we had before.

What changes have you made lately? Do you switch out your throw pillows often?

Until Next Time Ya’ll,

XO, Danielle


Back on Track

First of all let me just say that I am the world’s worst blogger! There I said it, I know it, and I have owned it!! That aside I have had a hard time keeping a computer that works consistently. I had an old computer last year that was on it’s last leg and it finally gave up on life. I saved up enough money to buy a new computer at Christmas, fully intending to make this blog amazing, not to mention updating on a consistent basis. My two year old has other plans.

Imagine a perfect morning. Coffee and a bagel with homemade strawberry cream cheese on the side table with laptop in front of me and a fresh topic in mind. I got the last pictures posted into the blog post and in the blink of an eye my son was running to me with the leftover milk from a bowl of cereal. SMASH!! Bowl of milk ruins week old computer!! I had no insurance and was very sad about the death of my newest addition to my technological life. After weeks of searching I finally found a reasonable replacement keyboard for the computer and took it upon myself to pop out the old one and replace that sucker!

She is all fixed and ready to go!! I just thought everyone should know the details on why this blog has sat so long collecting dust and announce that I am blowing off said dust and starting fresh. I have many plans for my home this year and will be updating you all on the good, bad, and the ugly.


Until next time,