Peanut Gallery

I have been hoping, nay, dreaming of the day that a gallery wall would grace the space behind our couch. Well ladies and gentlemen it has finally happened. After many days of grabbing up any frame i can get my hands on carefully selecting frames we have finally made our living room complete. Okay semi-complete.
Anyhoo, here is how to achieve such a gallery…

Wrangle up several kinds of picture frames and the color of spray paint you want them all to be.  Remove the glass and the backing and place aside. I used Krylon Dual Paint and Primer in the color black so none of the old color of the frames showed through.

Spray painting all the frames black makes them look like a set and like they belong together. I chose to use two coats of Krylon Dual Paint in black to ensure that the previous color didn’t show through.

The frames that I collected ranged from a filigreed brassy gold to those of a dollar store plasticky fake wood variety. Spray painting them all black makes them look like they belong together.

I used a large piece of brown shipping paper to decide where I wanted to place each picture on the wall and traced around each frame including where the hanging hook would be. After making sure that I liked the placement and layout of the gallery , I attached the paper to the wall. I punched through the paper where the hooks would be using a push pin to guide where the nails would go and then drove them in. The last step is to pull the paper off and hang your framed photos!

Voila!!! Now this once blank wall is filled with a beautiful gallery of family pictures!!

The very top right hand corner is our wedding mat that we had everyone sign, The two matted black and whites are my boys’ newborn hospital photos.

I love that little clay print we made from our one year old’s hand!  Also included in the frame with the “C” ( a wedding gift) is a picture from our honeymoon!!

I love how it turned out and that it includes so many of my favorite pictures!Do you have a wall in need of a gallery? What project have you been wanting to accomplish?