Designer Luxury for Less

I have often heard that a bedroom is meant to be the big hug at the end of your day. Its the room that takes care of you the most and gives the comfort of cool sheets and soft plush pillows at the end of a trying day. I love a bedroom that layers many textures and colors to create a luxurious, hotel-like area to sleep and relax in when you need it most. On to the journey of my bedroom so far.

After having this for a while, I decided on a more neutral palette in order to create a calming retreat. {This was taken when Lane couldn’t roll over yet and didn’t want off of the bed so I just took the picture with him on it.}

This is my current bedroom styling. I like the beige and white combo but I feel that it lacks the layering of textures and colors that, to me, makes a designer room.
By adding a variety of pops of color onto a neutral, earth toned base you create layers of style that makes your bedroom anything but ordinary.

This is my ideal bedroom and I have some of the elements already including the chairs, curtains, gold throw pillows, as well as the ceramic elephant and brass vase pictured on each side table.  I plan to find many of the pieces at thrift stores and DIY the rest.

The actual elements that I used in the Designer Bedroom include many large ticket pieces. My goal is to incorporate the look and feel of these designer pieces without the hefty price tag as, just the items listed below, would cost around $1300.

  • Pottery Barn Monogrammed Applique Pillow Cover – $35 each {Actual Pillow forms $20 each}
  • West Elm Ikat Print Upholstered Headboard – Upwards of $500 including delivery charge
  • Arteriers Home Sonia cyan blue glass table lamps from $336.91 each

To do List:

  • Gather materials to complete headboard {fabric, buttons, string to secure the buttons onto the back, staplegun, etc.}
  • DIY these monogrammed green pillows
  • Purchase a pillow form to cover with the striped fabric I have {leftover from the dining room chairs}.  {Completed in this post}
  • Purchase red Ikea Lack Tables
  • Recover the cushions of the chairs as they are now hunter green.
  •  Purchase a large area rug in from of the bed to ground the area.

So there you have it. This looks to be my project for the next few months. Hope you enjoy each post along the way! xx