Bedroom Project: Sew a Striped Pillow

In the interest of Pinterest and to make a small dent in my bedroom project, I’ve sewn a pillow. I haven’t sewn a stitch in years but after seeing the inflated prices of black and white striped pillows {like this one}I decided to make them myself. I had left over fabric from my dining room chair project so it didn’t cost anything! Zero! Zip!

{I used one of the kids pillow covers to make the pattern, pinning it to my striped fabric with straight pins. I keep them in a medicine bottle so the kids can’t get a hold of them.}
{I then used chalk to outline the pillow to ensure that I cut the line perfectly.}
{Just to be thorough, I chalked a line again to make the second pattern piece.}

{I pinned the two pieces together inside out making sure to line up the edges and the stripes perfectly.}

{I sewed all the sides leaving a small pocket to use to turn it right side out, stuffed it with poly-fill, and sewed the pocket shut.}

{Almost a pillow!}