Crown Jewel

Those who know me know that I can be extremely ambitious when to do lists are involved. Case in point, I stated a few posts ago that I was going to be revamping my bedroom to look

like this ——->

I also said it was gonna be an ongoing project taking place all month. Well back to the aggressive nature that I take on when a project is started; I have made a lot of head way in a few short days….

Ladies and gentlemen drum roll please….I have made my DIY headboard!! And it’s Ikat print!! And it costs way less than this one!!! And…well here is how I did it!!

{I purchased a large sheet of foam rubber to cover the existing headboard that I had made using a 48” by 641/12” piece of wood.}

{I used a piece of 90×90 inch batting to wrap the whole thing, foam rubber included, and stapled it around to the back. I decided it would be the easiest to balance the headboard onto two chairs and crawl around with the staple gun to attach the batting. It looked ridiculous and I was afraid that it was gonna fall on me the entire time.}
{I made sure to wrap the batting in such a way that made the corners rounded and very plush. It also primed the surface to attach the actual fabric.}
{I found an amazing Ikat print upholstery for a great price at my local Joann’s Fabric and ditched the West Elm fabric idea completely. It is so gorgeous!! Seriously the pictures don’t do it justice!!}
{I did the same balancing act for attaching the fabric :)}
{I started with the corners first to make sure they were perfect and then worked my way to the rest of the edges, pulling taught and stapling as I went along.}
{I created a seam at each corner.}
Introducing the crown jewel of my new and improved bedroom!!

What do you think? Doesn’t it make you want to make your own?