Toy Story

If you have children you may suddenly find yourself living in a perpetual playroom. Your once clutter free and aesthetically pleasing living room suddenly has every surface covered in toys and stuffed animals. I have so many toys in my own living room that I could easily stock shelves in the toy section. {Well maybe not that many but way more than any one child should have.}  The key to sharing your space with your children yet still having an adult room is to create clever storage {i.e. hidden}

By using the entire bottom of the bookcase for toys, it integrates kid clutter storage into an otherwise grown up bookcase.

When the kids want to play, I only allow one or two bins of toys to be pulled at one time. This makes sure they don’t get bored and is an effective way to switch out their toys from day to day while keeping overall clutter in check. Studies show that children will entertain themselves longer if they have one basket or bin of toys versus an explosion of toys everywhere. Too many toys causes a sensory overload and makes each toy less special. Keeping only the most played with and most special toys available and swapping out the rest eliminates this.

The top of the bookcase is reserved to display my personal keepsakes{from left to right} my wedding bouquet, a candle that we used for in our unity candle set, a mirror that my Grandmother gave me, A ceramic peacock that I spray painted a glossy white, The antique bell collection that I inherited from my Mawmaw, and family photos.

We have two frogs in and two turtles housed in the first square of the top shelf that the kids love to watch me feed.


I also color-coded the books to create a streamlined effect, including many of my childhood books to ensure small hands don’t get to them without my knowledge. I love the fact that I get to read the very same books to the kids that were read to me.

The last open shelf is reserved for my 18 month old’s favorite toys for easy access.

We use the ottoman that is close to the bookcase as a reading area and the kids like to play on the surface with cars and such. {It’s also a hiding place for an insane amount of toys, large stuffed animals, and train tracks.}
Now go reclaim your living room!!


Your thoughts on this project?

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