ZGallerie Nursery Art for under $20

When I started planning my second baby’s nursery, I knew that I wanted to include an alphabet print. To me, it seems like the most whimsical way to introduce something both educational and decorative.  I looked for something that was both modern and chic {No generic cartoon prints for this family.}

{After searching through a ton of alphabet inspired prints and posters I began to realize nursery art would cost a pretty penny, including this amazing Disney inspired option.}

After many searches including the keywords alphabet, modern, and nursery art, I fell head over heels in love with this amazing and colorful Alphabet Zoo Print from ZGallerie.

After suffering sticker shock at the $99 price tag, I sadly was brought to  the realization that we couldn’t possibly rationalize spending a hundred bucks on one single piece of art for the nursery; {no matter how perfect.}

Amazingly, that same week I was in Michael’s for some craft things and ran across this pack of animal alphabet cards by Jenn Ski.

Wait, isn’t that who designed the animals featured on the ZGallerie Print?? {In the crazed way Christian Bale replies in American Psycho} YES IT IS!!! I bought the pack for 4 bucks and headed to the nearest Walmart in hopes of finding a cheap poster frame. As luck would have it, I found one for 8 bucks and high tailed it home to make my ZGallerie print dream a reality.

After I cut down the cards about a half an inch on each side, I used some craft Glue dots on the back of each card to attach it to some poster board that I already had. I also had about an inch and a half of space between the frame and the cards on the top and the bottom but filled it in with some cleverly pieced together scrapbook paper. To make all the cards fit and to make it a perfect replica to the ZGallerie one, I slightly overlapped each one to attain a uniform look and cut the X,Y, and Z down to just the letters. The resulting art piece made me jump and clap {much to the dismay of my husband.}

Thar she blows!! I’m really happy with it. The only difference from the 99 dollar print is that some of the animals are different {a raccoon replaces the rabbit and there is a different butterfly} but when it saves 80 bucks, I don’t mind at all! After the cost of the craft glue and the poster board of I would have had to buy it the finished Alphabet art comes in at under 20 bucks.  You can find the cards on Ebay here. This is a great modern and colorful addition for creating the perfect nursery or any child’s bedroom.

Whaddyathink?  Is it something you might try?


Your thoughts on this project?

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