Cleaning House

Cleaning House

My house isn’t always spotless but with a daily, weekly, and monthly list of chores in mind, it always appears clean and orderly. By starting each day with the goal of a clean house, you will find it easier to make time for other things that you want to do (i.e. time for yourself)

While the kids eat breakfast I get a jump on cleaning the upstairs by taking a trash bag and hamper to collect any trash or dirty laundry to carry downstairs.

I go through the rest of the day with the same goal in mind. Basically I follow this general rule:

As soon as a dish is dirty, wash it.

As soon as there is laundry, launder it.

As soon as there is a mess, clean it.

This is something that I am teaching my five year old now. I feel like it will pay off when he is older and I will not have to clean up after him every minute.

Here are my lists:


Make beds

Pick up bedrooms & bring laundry downstairs

Sweep all rooms including under furniture

Arrange throw pillows

Wash dishes and put away dry ones from night before

Wipe down all counters, stove, and sink

Feed animals and water plants

Collect all trash and take to dumpster

Laundry/ Put up laundry


Mop all floors

Vaccuum Rugs

Wipe TV screens

Clean toilets and showers

Clean under furniture

Clean out fridge and make grocery list

Grocery shopping


By following these self imposed lists my house is never but two minutes away from being ready for company and it makes my life so much simpler.


Your thoughts on this project?

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