Restaurant Style Baked Potatoes

Some nights, after housework and errands,  supper seems like such an undertaking. These are the best nights to throw something simple together and call it a meal. Enter my Restaurant Style Baked Potatoes. You won’t believe how easy they are. They are seriously the laziest recipe I have ever concocted. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. After washing your potatoes, dry them off and prick them with a fork in a straight line. Now this part is going to shock your socks off! Throw them in the oven on the actual rack (No pan? Nope) and let them bake for one hour.

When done shower them with salt to give that already crunchy skin a restaurant press on the sides of the potatoes to pop them open and let cool off. Throw in sour cream and cheese, chives and hamburger meat if you’re feeling really fancy, and voila! The results speak for themselves!!

{Adding a meat takes this vegetable from a side to the main entree}
{Adding sour cream, chives, and both cheddar and mozzarella cheese takes the dish from ordinary to extraordinary}

Your thoughts on this project?

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