OBX or Bust!

We decided to go to the Outer Banks for our first anniversary and it was otherworldly to say the least. My parents went there for their honeymoon and we wanted to go somewhere to relax and have a romantic getaway so it was the perfect place to go.

Every time when we go to the beach I’m so excited to finally be there I go take a picture.
{The obligatory photo on the beach!}
{We stayed at the Outer Banks Inn for four nights and five days. Everyone was nice and we received great customer service.}
{The first night we went to Goombay’s and had their famous crab dip for an appetizer. I had tuna tacos and Derek had the ribs.}
{For dessert we came back to the Inn and had our wedding cake with Pink Moscato. We both had a small piece of chocolate and vanilla. It tasted just like it did on our wedding night.}
{The second day we went to the Wright Brother’s Memorial. The admission of 8 dollars gives you access to everything for several days.}
{This is the scale model of the first airplanes built by the brothers.}
{It was really interesting to see how everything came together to make flight possible.}
{The husband standing in front of the storage building for their plane.}
{The marker for the first flight}
{The marker for the second flight}
{The marker for the third flight. I also thought it was neat that the brothers took turns on each flight.}
{The marker for the fourth flight and the first real flight over 300 feet}
{A photo of the markers for the first three flights. The fourth one is too far away from the others to see in the frame.}
{Wright Brothers Memorial}
{Day three was our day for lighthouse touring!! Bodie Lighthouse was first!}
{So many steps!!!}

121  125 134

Ocracoke Island was a completely different thing...It involved a scheduled ferry ride across the ocean.
{Ocracoke Island was a completely different thing…It involved a scheduled ferry ride across the ocean.}
{Derek sarcastically thanking me for taking him to see it}


{We stopped on the way back to the ferry and spent the entire rest of the day on this untouched beach!}
{Only our footprints! <3}
{One entire section was full of giant seashells!}
{My sunhat full of huge shells!}
{To end that day trip to Ocracoke island, we had a beautiful sunset on the way back on the ferry! Some of the other droolworthy …err noteworthy places we frequented were The Outer Banks Brewing Company, which was a nice seafood restaurant one night and doubled as a club the next;Chili Peppers, a local bar with corn hole and amazing drinks; and The Kill Devil Grill, which not only was in authentic dining car from the 50’s but also boasted the best crab cake sandwich and steak egg rolls I have ever tasted!}

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