Feelin’ Blue and White

More often than not I get an overwhelming urge to collect certain things. The inspiration can come from anywhere: magazines, things I already own and want to add to, and trips we have taken.

Blue and White China

I inherited some pieces from my Mawmaw and have since kept them in the kitchen cabinet so they wouldn’t get broken. This morning when I reached to get the cereal bowls, I caught sight of them and decided to start collecting a mismatched set of blue and white china and disperse it throughout the house.

{A few of the pieces I already own}

I will fill the center of the table with a cluster of vases and large pieces of the china. Hopefully I can fill some of the vessels with fresh flowers.

{via stonegableblog}
{via Flowers, a book by Carolyn Roehm}

The console table behind the dining table also needs some blue and white lovin’ I want to put larger pieces on it.

{via Traditional Home, styled by Lori Tippins}

Everything in my living room is either brown or camel so the side tables will also get some blue and white jewelry in the form of china.


I can’t wait to go thrifting in the next coming weeks and see what I can find. Hopefully I can come pretty close to my inspiration pictures.


Your thoughts on this project?

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