New Pillows to Refresh an Older Style Couch

022                                                                                                                                                                                                                    This was our living room last year. I was really happy with the look of it but as far as the size of the living room went, this one couch and mis-matched brown striped recliner were just not cutting it. Just as we were pricing a new living room suit, my mother in law decided to sell her house in the city and move the furniture she wanted to keep into her current house. She ended up having an entire living room suite, side tables included, and we were over the moon. After selling our old couch and chair to friends, we moved in the dark brown suite. it didn’t exactly match the light feel of the space but I knew all it needed was a pillow exchange.



Enter Cynthia Rowley and her fabulously lux throw pillows!! I searched high and low and finally found these at our local Marshalls for $20 bucks {regular pricing 50 and up}. I paired DKNY sweater weave pillows for the loveseat and it all came together!!



I absolutely love the changes that are happening and we have found that our living area seems even bigger even though we actually added a lot more furniture to the room. The heavier side tables fit the new furniture a lot better than the glass ones that we had before.

What changes have you made lately? Do you switch out your throw pillows often?

Until Next Time Ya’ll,

XO, Danielle



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