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View sunbathing on our dock!
View sunbathing on our dock!

As I type I am wearing a green face mask, messy bun, and the most comfortable casual clothes I own. I just got finished unpacking and doing the massive amount of what I like to call the dreaded “vacation laundry”. We usually go on vacation with both mine and my husband’s family within a two week period of each other. We never plan it that way but it always ends up that way. It is amazing going on vacation and seeing everyone but with my youngest having night terrors and the amount of traveling and packing/ unpacking I always feel like I need a vacation from vacationing.  This year we rented a house at Ocean Isle Beach and stayed from Saturday to the next Saturday. It rained the first two days that we were there but we all had fun anyway just spending time together. The kids loved that we had an outdoor porch swing out of the rain so we spent a lot of time doing that those first few days. After we got home that following Saturday we packed to go to the Lake with my husband’s family and spent the next few days relaxing on the boat, tubing, and swimming in the lake.

I honestly have been unplugging myself from social media lately and trying to live in the moment with pictures here and there to commemorate each few days. I love being able to focus completely on my kids and am blown away at the fact they are already 3 and 7, with my oldest entering the second grade in just a week!!

Psst! This post really has no format, at all,  I get in moods to do certain things like post a blog post or film a makeup tutorial and then life happens and I go weeks and months with out doing either. That’s not how you get famous on Youtube or WordPress, believe me I know. I just know myself enough to know if I want to do something I will do great at it and if not, well, I just skip it.

This is something new I want to try. Basically just everything we are doing, what I am listening to, obsessed with reading and wearing all combined into one weekly post. I will leave you with pictures of the past month and my playlist lately/

Shuffling while I type:

Barracuda by Heart

Break Free by Ariana Grande

Boom Clap by Charli XCX

Shower by Becky G

Our Mermaid in the Sand



My little family + my brother and sister!
My little family + my brother and sister!
H being a super hero!
H being a super hero!
All my boys!! ❤
Derek and I in the beach house!
Lane and Mommy!
A very sandy Lane!
A very sandy Lane!
Tubing behind the boat!
Tubing behind the boat!


Lake James on a beautiful sunny day!
Lake James on a beautiful sunny day!
More Tubing!

XO Danielle



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