Lust List

Like all women, I find myself drawn to a lot of different types of products. I usually make a list in a small notebook that I keep for reminders and to do lists but now I think it should be documented on this blog. Usually the things that draw my interest are makeup, skincare, house wares, jewelry, or craft items.  There probably won’t be any such format on here to my “Lust List’ as I like to call it. This weeks short list is from my newest obsession:the show Revenge.

You should go, now, to Netflix and binge watch the first season. I promise you won’t regret it. I covet and crave the fashion from this show almost as much as the plot’s twist and turns.




In every episode you can always find Margeux rocking some amazing earrings. I’m sure this has everything to do with her pixie hair cut.  Seeing these stunners, Sklyar Earrings by Kendra Scott, from this weeks episode of Revenge made me want to go snatch them up this second!

I have seen these earrings before but these stunners on Margeux LeMarshal on this weeks episode of Revenge made me want to go snatch them up this second!
{Skylar Earrings in Black by Kendra Scott}



I relate to Emily Thorn’s ,the main character’s, fashion choices more than any other. This week’s episode was no different as she sashayed out in this amazing Black and White deep V halter dress from the Halston Heritage collection.


























Another equally impressive dress was featured lately on the show was the Pamella Rolans One- Shouldered Gown worn by Emily Thorn{pictured right}. She has worn too many red dresses to count but in my opinion this one trumps the others.
















Until Next Time Ya’ll!
XO, Danielle